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Hallie of Seattle Rose a no-show
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Posted by: jericho ®
12/30/2004, 11:36:27

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I emailed an inquiry with Seattle Rose to see Hallie, and they set up and confirmed an appointment several days in advance. She not only did not show up, but she did not call. Agency said they also had not heard from her, she had already missed another appointment that same morning. Instead of getting upset and angry with the girl answering the phone, I just said that I hoped Hallie was OK, that nothing was seriously wrong, and that I'd still like to see her whenever both could arrange it.

Now...accidents happen ? Absolutely. Car trouble, sudden illness, babysitter bailed at last moment ? Of course, and I take these possibilities into consideration, which is why I didn't blow up. But what a remedy a simple, brief phone call/email would be. And this was not the first time Hallie wasn't returning messages and calls from her own agency.

In October, I spent the better part of two days playing phone tag with Rose, owner of the agency, just to see when Hallie would be available. I was flexible, I was willing to set something up in advance, but Rose said she couldn't do anything until she heard from Hallie and she was AWOL. I ended up seeing Ritanya and she's a fantastic young lady, a definite repeat. Thought I'd try another time for Hallie. much for second trys. After the no-show I waited two days to see if I'd receive word of Hallie's availability (or lack of) or whether I wanted to see someone else, or try later with Hallie. Still waiting....

If this had happened with Elliott Bay, they would have apologized for the no-show, seen if I wanted to see someone else, re-schedule, etc. In the time that I've been seeing agency girls and indys I have never cancelled on a pre-scheduled meeting, but if something ever came up (car breaks down) I would at least 1) call to explain that I could not make it, and 2)apologize for the cancellation.

Maybe this post should be as much a thumbs up for Alex and her great ladies at EB, and those accommodating, sweet indys like Yesenia, LoveLee, Janelle, Clarise and Red, as it is a thumbs down for Hallie.

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