TRB faq

Hightlights of this FAQ:

How to Search:

TRB has 3 separate ways to search:

Quick Search
This is the fastest and easiest way to search and is located just to the left of the message board. Enter a word or name in the white box and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The search will go back a maximum of 300 days.

Advanced Search
Will search all messages posted on the main message board or allow you to search specific time periods. It's located just to the left of the message board below the Quick Search box (Advanced Search) or at the top of the message board (Search).

  1. Enter a word or name in the first box.
  2. Select the time period you want to search (Example: if you want to do a search over the past 800 days, enter 800 in the first box, and leave the second box at zero).
  3. Click on "Submit".

Archive Search

  1. Click on "Archive" at the top of the message board.
  2. When the next screen opens click on "Search" at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a word or name in the first box.
  4. Important: Uncheck the box that says "Match only those messages that contain images"
  5. Set the day range of the search....Example: 999 days in the first box, leave the second box at zero (you can select a specific time period if you wish).
  6. Click "Submit"

Click on Register at the top of the message board. All we really need is your board handle, password, and valid e-mail address, the other questions are optional.

Important: Please do not give us any personal information such as your real name. When the software asks for "Name".....that is the board handle you plan to use on TRB. All information you register with is public.

After your new TRB account has been activated you should receive an e-mail from the Moderator with links to our FAQ sections.  After receiving this e-mail you will be able to post on the board.  Sometimes our e-mails get diverted to junk mail folders, so please check your junk mail folder before contacting us. 

It is strongly suggested that you use a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account for posting on the board, it's free, and only takes a few minutes to set up. Don't use a personal or business e-mail address unless you want the whole world to know it !!!

What happens on TRB.....stays on TRB.  The second you click the Submit button anything and everything you post becomes the property of TRB and will stay here for eternity, probably longer.  TRB has gotten too large and been around too long for us to manually delete hundreds or thousands of posts scattered over 10 years.  If you post it, you should assume it will stay here forever. 


Search Tips

The search engine only looks at the subject line and the author's name. Text within a message is not searchable.

Keep the search as simple as possible. If a provider has a first and last name, searching on just the first name will result in more matches than searching on her full name.

All reviews have either "Rev" or "Review" in the title. If you are searching only for reviews, typing Rev followed by the provider's name (Example: Rev Kathy) into the search engine will bring up all of her reviews.

Posting Tips:

TRB is not a dating service:

If you wish to contact one of the ladies you must do so by e-mail or telephone, not on the board. Any posts trolling for a date and/or mentioning a specific day or time will be automatically deleted.

No posts or advertisements are allowed for other review boards, message boards, any private boards, blogs, groups, chat rooms, or any commercial services such as web design, web hosting, photographers, personal assistants, drivers, or help wanted ads. Since TRB is a non-profit website that doesn't require membership fees or accept paid advertising it doesn't make any sense to allow unlimited free advertising for boards and services that are unrelated to TRB.

If you wish to edit an existing post, all you need to do is:

  • Click on the message to read it and then select "Edit" on the left
  • View the message board, find your post, and click on your name/handle.

Tip: When posting something on the message board ALWAYS give at least 30 seconds before hitting the submit button again.