provider faq


New Provider Do and Don'ts

  • Try not to use a free website hosting service (Example: These sites have bandwidth restrictions.  Within 30 minutes of your post, your bandwidth will be exhausted. This aggravates readers and reflects poorly on the provider.
  • Don't say, "Hi. I'm new, call me". If you just want lots of emails and phone calls, that might do it. However, if you want quality contacts the following should help.

  • Do describe yourself: height, weight, measurements.
    (If no pictures, describe hair, eyes, body type)
  • Do mention your website and/or contact info.
  • Do mention if you will send pictures by email (if not on web site).
  • Do mention days and hours you expect to be available.
    (e.g., 24/7, week days/weekends only, daytime/evenings only)
  • Do mention whether you provide incall or outcall and describe the geographic area served.
  • Do mention your rates including any "extras".
  • Do tell us about yourself, your likes and dislikes.
  • Do be truthful because you will be reviewed.

Remember... you're marketing your time and companionship, so make your announcement enticing and informative! And, welcome to our community!

The ladies are permitted to post advertising type messages once a week (any 7-day period). TRB is primarily an escort review and discussion board, so it's necessary to restrict the amount of advertising on the board. Please combine all of your announcements into one detailed and comprehensive post.

There are exceptions to the rule above.... additional posts are permitted to announce specials (your post must include the details of the special and you're only allowed 1 special post during any 7-day period), travel plans, brand new websites, or new contact information.

If you post a photo on TRB, please do not do so in every post you make.  Limit it to your once a week advertisement post.

If you post a photo either in your profile, or in your once per week advertisement post, limit it to a reasonable size (maximum size allowed is about 400 X 600 pixels).

Do not post in capital letters or toggle case (eXaMpLe), your post will be automatically deleted. 

No trading of services/bartering type posts are allowed on TRB.

We'd like to ask ALL of the ladies to please not post "thank-you" replies to their reviews.

Although we feel that most ladies are just being polite and sincere, we are concerned that it might send a mixed message to the gentlemen. If a lady posts a thank-you it appears that she approves of the review. On the other hand, if a lady doesn't post a thank-you about another review it might appear that she doesn't approve of the review for some reason. This often leads to a sort of competition among the gents to see who can write the most glowing review in order to get the attention and approval of the lady.

Eventually, we wind up with reviews that are not accurate and the ladies wind up seeing clients that are expecting Superwoman to show up at their door. Often the clients are then disappointed because of what they were expecting based on the reviews they had read.....this isn't good for the lady, the client, or the board.

It's fine to post about any of the following items:

  1. If a gent posts something that is untrue, misleading, or confusing about you.....please post a correction. You will be given every opportunity to set the record straight.
  2. Please feel free to take part in any of the discussions that we may have on the board. Some of the topics actually require the provider or female perspective.....we want to hear your opinions and comments.
  3. It's fine to post information that clients would find useful....your travel plans, web site updates, new contact info, special offers, etc, etc.
We hope you understand......that we are NOT trying to restrict anyone's access to the board. Our goal is to simply make the board better for everyone by getting honest and accurate reviews.