review faq


All reviews are appreciated, but reviews not containing the below information may be removed by the Site Admin or Moderator!

Review Do and Don'ts:

  • Don't say "I saw ""x"" and it was great, email me for details". The value in this board is in the reviews. Save the email for more explicit reviews. Basic info is fine.

  • Do give some session details.  Reviews lacking enough session detail may be deleted by the Moderator.
  • Do give a description of the lady.
  • Do mention her website and/or contact info.
  • Do mention her rates.
  • Do mention if her photos are accurate.
  • Do mention if you would see her again. (or if not, why not?)
  • Do mention if she has any rules.
  • Do leave your email address, in case others would like to follow up with specific questions.
  • Do remember to put either "REV" or "Review" (example "REV: Ms X")  in the subject line.

  • In some reviews you may note a review form which some posters use.  That form is acceptable to use on TRB, as long as it's filled out entirely.
  • TRB's policy is to not allow "No Show" posts within a 24 hour period.  This is to allow time for the provider to respond, for cooler heads to prevail, as well as allow both sides to work it out in private.
Just a few things that make for better reviews!