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REV: Tracy and Imonie duo - School of One
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Posted by: MaxG ®
12/29/2004, 13:22:21

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I jumped on the Intern Special for a duo with Tracy and Imonie for $200 for a 1 hour FBSM. Tracy has been well-documented, and Imonie is the sweet, little, mocha-skinned girl who has been answering the phones at the Light Body Temple for awhile.

In general, I am not a huge fan of duos, because it is sort of information overload - tough to focus on one person or one thing, but this was all Imonie was offering at the time, and as a long-time customer of School of One, I wanted to get a peek at that phone-answering goddess. 

Tracy is a tall red-head, very experienced, and a firm believer in the mystical qualities of tantra and chakra massage. Ooo-Kay - not for me, but whatever...She was clearly the leader in this duo, as Imonie sort of followed along as the intern.

Imonie is a beautiful, small thing with perfect breasts and a shy demeanor.

Both went topless, Tracy kept a skirt on, but allowed touching underneath (Full 70's style bush, by the way). Imonie kept bottoms on, and pulled away/discouraged wandering hands. Although this is a very common FBSM rule, it still disappoints me. Hopefully she will loosen up with experience ! 

Both girls were very friendly and professional, so if you enjoy FBSM without needing the extras some others offer - go for it.


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Duos are a Fanatasy Exp, not usually as intimate.... | Mystic Sister | 12/30/2004, 10:10:03 |

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