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Re: She's a hottie!
Re: Re: She's a hottie! -- tetherball Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: Allura
12/24/2004, 02:41:30

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I wasn't going to say anything openly on the board, but now I feel I should say something now... Tetherball, you failed to say that the day before I seen you, you had scheduled an app. and I came all the way to your house and you never answered my call!!! So you were a no show the first night.... And called me an hour after I had already left.... So then I come the following night. And you answered the phone and let me in your home.... I asked you if it was ok if I dressed up and you said no problem.... So I dressed up, only for you, (may I remind you, I thought it was a treat you would love) and you also failed to say that you handed me the donation in front of a HUGE window with no curtains or blinds or anything....

I just thought you guys should hear the whole truth.....

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You deserve better sweetie! (no text) | twocuptale | 12/26/2004, 23:56:42 |

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