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Re: She's a hottie!
Re: She's a hottie! -- Snickersnack Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: tetherball
12/23/2004, 20:51:10

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She's _kind of_ a hottie. I posted a review in November (obviously not up for now). When I saw her, she had really thick makeup to cover the acne scars, was baked as could possibly be and openly stated that, counted the donation out loud and bill by bill obliviously in front of a street facing window (outcall), and she was no more discreet than a rock through the window, with stack heels and spray on pants.

All that aside, and that's a BIG aside IMO, she is super hot. DATY was good, but definitely not fresh. She was very easy to talk to, and overall I enjoyed the time. YMMV.

Good luck!


"Swing away!"

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You deserve better sweetie! (no text) | twocuptale | 12/26/2004, 23:56:42 |

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