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REV: Jennie Burton
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Posted by: Iceman
2001/03/30, 10:04:56

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(repost from TER)
Dear Readers,

Jennie Burton is a cute young Korean-American girl who provides a fantastic session. She likes to meet you in advance of your date (usually at least a day in advance), to screen you and chat. It is best to contact her via her phone or pager.

She has a sweet, engaging personality, provides incall at a local motel and speaks outstanding french, some of the best I've heard. She is petite, stands perhaps 5'1", has long black hair, but surprisingly large breasts. Her bod reminds me of a scaled down Pamela, but a touch thinner, and Korean. Cute face, not a siren, but a button nose and soft features.

She is 19, but has the moves of a seasoned pro, and really knows how to please her man. Not a clockwatcher, very relaxed, enjoyed her work, good conversation, multiple pops allowed. Fee CC. No pics to compare.

Caveats: I opted for incall, which was at a downscale motel she had booked (national chain), very utilitarian, not exactly "The Woodmark", for you "ambience" fans ;). In the future, I would probably find my own room elsewhere. Also, she was a bit "shallow", so to speak, and preferred to stick with top, not too interested other angles. So if you are a big "rider" fanatic, or just plain "big" LOL, bear in mind that she may not be comfortable with a deep, hard-pounding session. I would probably not return, as I am more of an A$$ man, and she didn't have much "back", but for you French connoisseurs, a great experience.

L/A/S 6/9/8, as always, YMMV.

Have fun, stay safe, and leave the lights ON!!

Modified by Iceman at Mon, Apr 02, 2001, 13:13:19

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