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REV of Nichole. "Do a little dance, make a little love -- get down tonight!"
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Posted by: gentleman Gym
2001/03/29, 21:02:48

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Awww, she's a B R I C K ... H O U S E. That lady's stacked and that's a fact, she ain't holdin nothin back!

3/30/01: I had to deal with a life emergency and now I'm back to finish this post. OK, I got a bit carried away. But seriously, that's the way this lady made me feel. During our session both of these tunes came to mind.

So what was the session like? Wild, man! The best advice I could give you is to get plenty of rest. This one is a handful -- she's a real party gal.

Email me for the details. A gentleman would never say anything explicit on a public board. Or would he?

Sorry, 'bout this guys. I wasn't my intention to attract flies (er, em, Iceman) with quotes from disco tunes.


Modified by gentleman Gym at Fri, Mar 30, 2001, 16:52:48

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Replies to this message

A Review Note to Disco Gym|unholypirate | 2001/03/30, 05:52:30 |
In case you forgot how to get "The Look"...|Iceman | 2001/03/30, 08:41:45 | link
Hey Iceman Nice to see you again I missed your razor sharp wit and wicked sense of humor......Here's to more LOL! (no text)|Heather25 | 2001/03/30, 15:36:44 |
My one and only, my enchanted mermaid, my heavenly being...|Iceman | 2001/03/30, 16:54:25 |
My Dear Iceman Thank you for your sweet words, you re too kind and given the chance I would galdly lead you to safe passage again. Here's to clear sailing! (no text)|Heather25 | 2001/04/02, 15:06:06 |
Think about how many times I have fallen...|Iceman | 2001/04/02, 16:33:30 |
Why Iceman I never knew.............|Heather25 | 2001/04/05, 14:47:05 |
That was IT! NOW I remember how it REALLY happened...Banishment Take 3!|Iceman | 2001/04/05, 16:58:19 |
No way, dude.. Only one mermaid around here!|nichole | 2001/03/30, 21:04:59 |
Why you cheating bas*ard!! On with the reversal spell it is! (no text)|spunky | 2001/03/30, 17:45:16 |
Iceman!!! I've missed you so much! Where the heck have you been all my life? (no text)|spunky | 2001/03/30, 10:08:27 |
I have found you at long last!!!|Iceman | 2001/03/30, 10:36:16 |
It was my wicked, witchy ways ..|spunky | 2001/03/30, 11:08:16 |
the only thing I don't understand|Instructor | 2001/03/30, 14:09:28 |
Cuz he also has a thing for mouthy men...oops... I mean women..... (no text)|spunky | 2001/03/30, 17:46:42 |
Hey, I'm not afraid of that side of myself...|Iceman | 2001/03/31, 12:32:18 |
My precious, let us never be parted again...|Iceman | 2001/03/30, 12:19:54 |
geez, get a room you two... |UnholyPirate | 2001/03/30, 12:57:15 |
And to think he and I were once at odds with one another ....|spunky | 2001/03/30, 13:07:55 |

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