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Re: A good provider will recognize this,
Re: Re: A good provider will recognize this, -- star__gazer Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: ShangriLa
01/02/2005, 01:17:13

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I'm certain that what you are describing is very fantastic. I've had these type of orgasms myself and they are wonderful.

But the full body orgasms that are so famous with tantra don't involve ejaculation, and because of this a man who is fully trained in tantra and fully a master of his ejaculation response can have multiple full-body orgasms, as many as he has the time and inclination for. And he leaves the experience with more energy and peace than he started with , and he isn't wiped out at all or drained of energy, just ready for more. Yum!


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Dee, you're right ,and I did not touch on that part , forgive me | star__gazer | 01/02/2005, 02:11:42 |

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