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New Lady Duos $200 - Intern Solos $120!
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Posted by: The Light Body Temple
12/16/2004, 14:13:09

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Hello Gentle-Men,

The temporary board is such a help, thanks to all who make this community possible.

We have a number of ladies apprenticing towards their full sensual practice; some of the ladies are younger, bringing enthusiasm and the brilliant innocence of early twenties, others have been 'in the industry' for many years, and are finding a new home with us at the temple.

NEW LADIES @ The Light Body Temple

OUR PHONE LADIES * Imonie and Tamara are wonderful smiling ladies you've met on the phone and at our front desk. They're now into becoming full-fledged priestesses of tantra and are ready to warm your heart with healing hands.

IMONIE Late twenties, 5'7" cocoa skinned African lady with a girlish personality, a bit shy, sometimes sassy, very sensual very thrilled to be in the rooms. She is following Rainbow and Colette practicing light touch sensuality. Imonie is very cute and has a killer figure (she looks like those anime cartoon gals almost too perfect to be real...)

TAMARA Early forties, 5'4" perhaps bbw, can't tell beyond those fabulous buzz-ooms of hers (she is the lady who's daring decollete has the rose tattoo)....Tamara is a shining smiling Jewish lady, short pixie hair, has worked in healing and sensual work for YEARS not at all shy, she WILL take the lead and you WILL be warm and happy!

SHEILA is new to us from Federal Way, where she had her own legit massage practice for the last 8 years (she's in her late thirties) She has always wished she could do whole body healing, and felt that now is the time, TLBT is the place to explore that. Sheila is 5'8" athletic and somewhat busty, and dark blond hair. If she was a Spice Girl, she'd be Sporty Spice. In addition to her trained healing hands and killer bod, she is funny, wise and has a tongue piercing which could be very fun in the right circumstances!

Our other new ladies DARA and JOLIE are not soloing yet, still just duos. These gals are in their early twenties, both have lived very erotic lives in their short two decades and are thrilled to bring their sense of adventure to the temple. Dara is a very pretty BBW with (of course) very full bosom, shoulder length brown hair and a lucsious full lipped smile.

Jolie is petite, athletic build, straight shoulder length paprika red hair, and she too has an interesting piercing or two, including one similiar to Isis (lower lip)....not for everyone, but hey, it looks good on her!

ALL SESSIONS are $150 hour/$222 90 minutes with our established practitioners PLEASE do not take this as a 'sale price' for the house, it is very distressing for our senior ladies to receive discounted trainee dontations. As always the TRB Hotline awaits 206.297.7627

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