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asian spice
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Posted by: pakrat ®
12/30/2004, 02:14:47

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Okay, sue me 'cause i don't wanna share!  But if you promise not to break my toys, it'll be okay...

Niki (asian spice) is NOT the Nikki Rip-off that has been discussed on the board the last few days.

She is the sweetie that was extensively reviewed on the regular board- 22yo Amer-Asian girl who fills her jeans like nobodies business.  There was an accurate face picture on her profile.

This was our second party together.  Last time she introduced me to the Tubs in SeaTac.  This time she came to my place.  My only beef with Niki is that she's kind of difficult to get ahold of- no phone/cell of her own at this time.  She does keep an eye on her email.  She arrived when promised- caliing for directions while i'm busy making the place semi-presentable.  We sat and talked for quite some time, and then she excused herself to get into Something More Comfortable.  More talk about a lot of things.  i really enjoy Niki's company, and she seems to enjoy mine.  But, then again, i'm a helluva guy- if you're a jerk, she may not be as much fun to be around. YMMV.  In the bedroom we exchanged (uncovered) french lessons, where she spilled her first cup.  On to enthusiastic dog walking, elephant (look it up), pony rides, asian pony rides, more spilled coffee, some russian discussian, coffee all over the damn place...

Niki tries like hell to show a guy a Good Time, and makes me feel like a king.  i'm saving my pop bottles and may sell my Groo Comic Book collection, because she mentioned bringing a friend next time.

Seriously, look her up and treat her good.  Niki is the experience that i've ben lurking the board for.

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