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A sweet special and ringing in 2005 with some changes
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Posted by: sweet and sassy red ®
12/29/2004, 23:59:40

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I know not all of you are members of my Yahoo group so I thought I would post this on here as well, this is copied almost word for word from my group site, so if you have already seen it skip past this post!

Hello all you wonderful gentlemen! Thanks for making my holiday
season the best ever, and I hope you had fun too! LOL!! Anyways,
starting the 1st (actually the 3rd since I do not accept
appointments on Saturday or Sunday)my special of 220/60 or 300/90 is
officially over. But I want to always have some sort of special going, so starting on
the 3rd I am offering my 3 hour dinner date for a rate of $500 for
everyone. Plenty of time for wonderful conversation and wine, your
choice of food (and I am a pretty good cook LOL) and then dessert,
well, that is the best! *wink*
I am also having a rate change...if you click on
files and then my rate document you will see it is updated, but to
show my sweet side I'll post it here too:

Regular clents Irregular Clients LOL!!
60 min 250 300
90 min 350 425
2 hours 450 500
** 3 hour dinner date
550 625
***all night 1000 n/a
****weekend 2500 n/a

** I prepare a dinner in a cuisine you select! And pamper you as
dessert!Email me for menu options!

*** Over nights start at 8 pm and end by 9 am! Provided you can wake
up by 9 am with a young girl like me keeping you up ALL NIGHT LONG!!

**** Weekends are 2 days 1 night of companionship!

And sorry, no one is locked in at the previous rates, my time has
just become too valuable and trying to accomodate everyone has
become impossible. Those that have seen me KNOW I HATE to disappoint
and should know I am worth it! LOL!! This way I can truly pamper
those gentlemen that choose to see me. And if you ask how can it
get any better, I say, just try me! (That was the sassy side LOL!!)

So there you have it, I will also be announcing the winner of the
redhead joke contest the same day these rates go into effect, so be
watching out for that. Thanks again for a wonderful holiday season
and making this group such a success- I look forward to seeing many
of you AMAZING men in the new year (so be safe this Friday!).

Happy New Year!

Lady Red...a sweet and sassy mix

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