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REV: Camille of Eros (visiting)
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Posted by: Dillbert
12/16/2004, 10:18:17

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I met with Camille back in September. She appears to visit periodically from California. Seeing her recent ad on Eros prompted me to write this, albiet brief, overdue review

Another review had posted that she is real, nice, but somewhat layed-back, almost to the point of lethargic. For the most part I agree. Would I see her again? Yes. Would I recommend her? Yes, provided she's your thing.

Contact/screening process very straight forward. She was prompt and reliable.

The simple fact that, based on a previous review, she wasn't a rip-off, combined with my hard-on for Maria Carrie, which Camille kind of got that look goin, was enough for me. She is attractive, with an awesome, tight little slender body. You can tell she works out regularly. The photos on Eros do not show how tight her abs are. Late 20's, early 30's. She's intelligent and real. Greeted with great hug, nice LFK. From there she was a bit layed-back. Perhaps she was role-playing the shy, timid girlfriend. If that's your thing, she does it well. French was covered briefly, then onto CG, mish, doggie. Great view all-around. I would have liked her to be a little more into it (she wasn't screaming out my name), but she was good, though layed-back.

Good rate, great value, I believe I paid $200 for the hour.

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