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Rev: Eastside Sophie
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Posted by: Horse of a Different Color ®
12/28/2004, 15:57:01

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I've seen Sophie on several occasions now, and  I've always experienced an excellent session.

Sophie is an athletic mid- to late-20s blonde with sparkling brown eyes, and probably best described as the quintessential girl next door.  Rock climbing and other pulse raising activities are her pastimes when she's not pursuing our extra-curricular activities.  She stands about 5'6 or 7" and is all of 110-115 dripping wet.  A sporty model, she sports a B-cup with responsive erasor buds on a trim figure with little bodyfat.... not so little as to be suspected of fitness drugs but certainly trim.

Sophie is engaging and witty, has had other jobs in the past and found that this is far more fun.  As with all the ladies, YMMV, but I've found her to be an excellent kisser, moving from light french to DFK with responsiveness.  French is spoken through an interpreter, but with a certain amount of panache in style.  In reciprocation, an appreciative bucking and thrashing can be produced.  (did I mention responsive?)

All the varietals are represented and enthusiastically.  The only limitation is that trips to the Aegean Sea are not available.  Familiarity however, may lead to exploratory excursions with those euphemistic 'marital aids'.

Sophie really is quite a firecracker and has always surprised me with the sparkle that lies beneath an 'innocent' exterior.  She receives the four hoof stamp of approval!

contact via email:  [email protected]">[email protected]

To be less than respectful to this young lady would truly be an unpardonable sin.

Modified by Horse of a Different Color at Tue, Dec 28, 2004, 16:25:05

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