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Re: 411 on Jesse from naughty NW? -- seattletodd Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: DESTINY ®
12/28/2004, 13:01:50

Author Profile Edit

What I found

 I believe she is part of a NIKI Rip Off Squad operating in the Seattle area

Here is a website telling you about them

Posted on TRB

 On google I found this

 Seattle escort - Jordan
... meeting a memorable one. I appreciate serious callers and look forward to
meeting with you! $250 cash / session.
Jordan 206 447-8067. - 4k - Supplemental Result -

The link is dead BUT…..

See the se-niki19-jordon1.htm  at the end???

 Dead give away that she is hooked up with the NIKI Rip Off Squad

 You will NOT find any legit Ladies on NNW it is basically just like the Seattle Weekly….full of rip offs

 Please be careful



Modified by DESTINY at Tue, Dec 28, 2004, 13:12:36

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