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Re: 411 on Avalon Massage
Re: 411 on Avalon Massage -- GarryH Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: guided pathways ®
12/28/2004, 11:45:37

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Well....we have heard a bit from two different sources. 

One source is a close friend of Violet's.  He visited the "establishment" about 3 weeks ago.  His tale goes something like this...You walk into a little reception area.  An older asian lady comes out from behind a door to ask how she can help him.  She tells him he has to pay for girl.  He argues that the ad says "come meet our staff" (which is exactly what he was there to do).  They go back and forth with this argument, finally she gives in.  She brings out three girls - none of which look like the women in the ads - two young asian girls and a big busty blonde.  He chooses the blonde girl & goes back into the room.  She then instructs him he MUST put his ALL his belongings  into this little locker.  Being rather suspicious of this, he refuses.  Again, a verbal back & forth resulting in the girl leaving the room to go ask if it was o.k. for him to NOT put his clothes in the locker.  She returns, says it is o.k.  Then the session begins.  Basically, the session was little more than mimed negotiation for other services and you could only negotiate via winks, nods or hand gestures.  The massage was non-existant and the manual finish was perfunctory.  The most disturbing part was the constant interuptions in the session to negotiate.  Then, right after the session, another girl walked in (without knocking) to borrow the microwave.  Over all rating of the experience - 2.

Our second source is another provider who is also a close friend of our group.  She worked there briefly and tells us the AMP is basically a front for a brothel.  The asian girls who are working there are not there of their own will and are certainly not in the states by legal means.  There are a couple of "non-immigrant" girls but they are only interetested in making as much $$$ as possible with the least amount of work.  The worst part (as if it really needed to get worse) is a practitioner there who has herpes AND actively works during outbreaks with open sores on both her face and nether regions.

All in all, the place sounds pretty shady from every angle.  It is probably just an Ellie bust waiting to happen.  Our recommendation: Stick with someone from this board.  Do a little research of ladies and places from the links page here.  There is truly something for every interest and prediliction.  You know you will not be wasting your money, you won't encounter any "extra visitors" or go home with a "present".

Live well & Play safe!


Guided Pathways

Modified by guided pathways at Tue, Dec 28, 2004, 12:13:27

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