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Re: REV: Rosie of North Seattle
Re: REV: Rosie of North Seattle -- Rick98101 Post Reply Top of thread Board
Posted by: Travelurker ®
12/27/2004, 01:29:51

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I'm new here, so I'm just a HWP schlub who doesn't know anything.  I can tell you what I'm looking for in a web page, though... and I offer this info in the friendliest terms.

1.  Your own domain, or a listing on a domain that specializes in coffee venders or travel guides. will shut down that page real soon, because it has their name on a sexy pair of legs asking for men to give her a call.

2.  A small menu with links to images, lists of donations, your email, legitimate reviews, a bio, and maybe an alphabetical list of topics you like to talk about with donators.  Oh, and the ubiquitous disclaimer that states donators are paying for your time and company only... behavior during that time is nobody else's business.  Click on any website you see here, and you'll stumble accross an example or two.

Again, I offer this information as a friendly gesture... so that you might have more success at finding willing donators (who also guard their public image).

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