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REV: TRB & donations
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Posted by: jazz ®
12/26/2004, 09:54:29

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Fine.  That holiday is over.  Next.

Before the damages start to be tallied, I'm already mentally doing cost/benefit tabulations. Cheap ass that I am, I immediately noticed that TRB ranks low cost/high benefit... even with CB2's escapades.

However, (listen up all you recent migrants from Brand X & Y). An annual membership in them is about $200. TRB is free. Let that be your guide in making TRB donations. I'm a tightwad, but even I feel guilty using that measure. That's about the cost of a... let's see... in Claude's case it might be four figures...  I'm sure he's good for it... are the rest of you? (He wouldn't break the honor of the long grey line)...

Damn, I may have to dig up paper money from that can in the backyard... last time I barely had enough parts left to claim new bills from the Treasury... I hope the mothballs worked this time. Those little fellas scream louder than you'd expect during the harvest.

This is animal friendly and an unsolicited endorsement for entertainment porpoises only and does not promote any ill eagle acts.

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