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Rev: Nina Wright
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Posted by: fdiddler ®
12/25/2004, 09:54:59

Author Profile Edit
I followed an impulse a number of months ago, and contacted Nina as a result of a very intriguing review.  She responded, but then disappeared immediately thereafter.  When she resurfaced a couple of weeks ago (see link) we scheduled a time after a few encouraging emails.  Sometimes a guy gets lucky - she's just my type, and is a ton of fun.  If you're her type, you can't go wrong.

LOCATION: Tacoma apartment
DATE: last week (and again this week, and again sooner than later)
EMAIL: [email protected]
LOOKS: *very* cute
ACCURATE PIC: none published, but she can provide one - no face, but I was convinced
HAIR: natural blonde, dyed brunette (that's a switch, both literally and figuratively)
AGE: if I didn't know better, I'd say mid-twenties
BODY TYPE: just my type - petite but curvy, nicely endowed, only a touch of xtra padding 
WEIGHT: I'd guess not much past 100
HEIGHT: not much over 5’0
BUST: C, I reckon
TRIMMING: very tidy
TATTOOS: ankle
SCARS: no way, very youthful skin tone
PIERCING: earses?
SMOKES: she sez so, but I didn't notice at all, and her apartment exhibits no signs
DRINKS: I may have made her partial to Shiraz
ATTITUDE: such a sweetheart, really fun to talk to and be with
PERSONALITY: eager to please
GFE: indeed
SERVICE: fabulous, just my style
KISSES: LFK to DFK, follows your lead, very responsive
FRENCH: uncovered, fabulous, to virtual completion (wants 'finish line' warning)
ACCEPTS FRENCH: enthusiastically (and uncommonly pleasant to administer to) 
MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: perhaps, for those that aspire to it
DO’s or DON’T’s: see french
CLOCKWATCHER: not really - but doesn't let me get away with pushing much past the appointed time...... ; )
SCREENING: she'd like references
SEE AGAIN: already have, already scheduled
RECOMMEND: If I had my druthers, I'd keep her to myself, actually.........

Modified by fdiddler at Sun, Dec 26, 2004, 21:19:52

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