Original Message:   It was my wicked, witchy ways …..
When I discovered that you had forsaken me – I boiled and toiled over a steaming pot of newt and petrified frog. All the while chanting:

In your mind, my image stays; wishing you had changed your ways. You feel my kiss, you feel my touch. You want me back so very much.

After lighting a black candle and taping a printout of one of your old posts around it (I’m a new-age, techie witch), I could feel the magic brewing. I hackled wildly as the stench of my concoction drifted out the window, knowing full well that it would reach you eventually.

The candle has lay burning next to my monitor for the past month. And wouldn’t you know it – just as the flame was about to expire this morning… I read the board and realized you had returned.

This is a happy day indeed. But dammit, if you leave again, I’m doing a reversal spell – and you’ll find yourself mounted above my bed with all the other petrified frogs.

Thanking Gaia for your safe return, Spunky Provider

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