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REV: Lilliana (, a Donna Mills ringer!
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Posted by: G-tac2
12/29/2004, 19:42:05

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Holy Donna Mills Lookalike! Farrah Facett Hair....hey, what decade is this? This dates me, but I musta been my "toddler awareness" of Donna Mills as a hottie/vixen. Lilliana's pix on the Seattle Rose website are kinda harshly lit and severe, but in soft indoor light she's younger and prettier, IMHO. Friendly conversationalist, no BS. She was dressed in a simple shift with a Victoria's Secret bra...and thong!

Conventional activities, French sans beret and merci merci me BLS (but not to completion, rules apply), before covered CG, spinning into mish finish. A nice fantasy back to trophy wife TV-land.... do the google on DM or Knots Landing.

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Re: REV: Lilliana (, a Donna Mills ringer! | Sancho | 12/29/2004, 23:54:27 |

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